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CEO   First of all I would like to express many thanks to all the stakeholders for your generous support even during the most difficult times we as the new venture company had encountered in the past since we, Mr.Inagaki, the founder and former president of Renatech and fellow team members with strong entrepreneurial spirit gathered to serve our society better, spun-out from a semi-conductor related facility manufacturer. Without your understanding and continuous support, we would not be able to reach where we are standing today. In addition to our main stream of business of “photocatalytic technology” and “semi-conductor related business”, we are determined to take on a challenge a difficult mission of developing new business models to by having our visions and sights firmly fixed on 5 years and 10 years down the road. One of the new business models we are developing is the “cancer screening”, which are currently undergoing final clinical verification process, and another business model is the “photocatalytic system rental/leasing” which is also in final phase of trial in the market. Those two business models might not have direct relation between them; however, those technologies definitely contribute to provide some answers and solution to the topics which have been highlighted as great public interest in recent years. We also conducted intensive study in the market and developing products and solutions to make them affordable for everyone. This is our philosophy to serve our community and society best. We are also proactively promoting and opening opportunities for the working women in this yet relatively closed Japanese society so they would have cut conspicuous figures by actively participating to our businesses. We are facing touch competitions with major/giant corporation in all those abovementioned business segments but we would continue to glow together with our valued stakeholders to become true “business in the community” by utilizing our strengths build solid as venture company spirit and with our expertise to satisfy the market needs in timely manner, so your continuous support and advice and participation would be greatly appreciated. Lastly, we are very proud to announce that Renatech have been appointed by Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry as “2016 strategic infrastructure technology advancement support project partner” which will entitled us with three years of government funded sponsorship which will enhance verification process of our cancer screening business with our valued partner organizations such as Chiba Cancer Center and Kanagawa Cancer Center to ensure all members of our society would benefit from this project. Please do not miss out this great venture together. Thank you. Sincerely,

November 1, 2016 Katsura Kato Managing Director or Renatech

About us

Company name
4-19-15 Takamori Isehara city, Kanagawa Japan Postcode: 250-1114 TEL:+81-463-92-6114 FAX:+81-463-91-3510
Osaka Branch
2F Hikari building, 27-3-1 Showa-cho Abeno-ku Osaka, Japan Postcode: 545-0011 TEL:+81-6-6621-0075 FAX:+81-6-6621-0076
Date of establishment
6th of May 1987
70,000.000 JPY *legal capital surplus 28,050.000 JPY
Executive board
Managing Director : Katsura Kato Director : Seiichi Inagaki Director : Mitsuhiro Ueda Director : Nobuhiro Tsunoda Director : Naoyuki Okamoto Inspector : Hitoshi Oka


Photocatalyst Division
  1. Large-sized deodorizing systems (2.400~70.000 cubic meters per hour)
  2. Compact deodorizing devices (~300 cubic meters per hour)
Semiconductor Division
  1. Photoresist removal agent (for semiconductor, liquid crystal and other electronic industries.)
  2. Anti-static additives (for semiconductor, liquid crystal and other electronical industries.)
Environmental solutions
  1. Olfaction odor measurement method

Our Philosophy

We are government licensed company with permission to operate under Japanese laws and right to own properties. Why were we given permission by the society to run our business? Companies are making profit by being part of the society, so it is crucial for the companies to contribute to the same society they own the right to exist. That is why any company’s activity should serve public interest and never – anyone’s private interests. Thus said, we aim to operate on democratic principles to ensure the prosperity of society and our company now and in future.
  1. QOL: Quality of life. We are nurturing friendly and positive environment in our company to ensure that peoplerelated to the company are satisfied and comfortable with their work.
  2. With our work and business activities our company contributes to our society and community.
  3. Our company is focused on keeping a healthy climate inside our organization as much as on providing top-notchservices and products.

Our contribution to the society

We have been supporting Cancer Link Kanagawa – a nonprofit organization, aimed at facilitating and improving the life of those affected by cancer and their families.

Cancer Link Kanagawa nonprofit organization

Company history

1987 May
Pure-Rex Co., Ltd. is founded.
1987 September
Metal wafer preprocessing analysis method (PPMA) is created. Environmental pollution.
1992 September
measurement service is started with corresponding devices launched in production.
1993 November
Radioluminography technology for semiconductors launched. Multi-functional chemical filter created.
2006 February
Company headquater moved to Isehara city.
2006 March
“QOLFAN-mini” photocatalyst deodorization device production launched.
2006 April
PURMS photoresist removal agent production launched.
2006 October
Capital stock reaches 41,050,000 JPY.
2007 January
Capital stock reaches 70,000,000 JPY(legal capital surplus 28,050,000 JPY).
2007 December
“QOLFAN-pico” photocatalyst deodorization device and fully automatic coater cup washing system production launched.
2008 February
Sterile environment experiment facilities were built.
2009 April
The world largest photocatalyst deodorization system was ordered by Takeda Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. *(the installation was complete in May, 2011).
2009 September
Company name changed to RENATECH Co., Ltd.
2010 October
Osaka office established.
2011 July
Company headquater moved to present address.

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4-19-15 Takamori Isehara city, Kanagawa Japan Postcode: 250-1114
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Monday~Friday, expected to reply within 48 hours. (except Sunday and Saturday)
Monday~Friday, 9am~5:30pm
Monday~Friday, expected to reply within 48 hours. (except Sunday and Saturday)
Other charges except product retail prices
  • Consumption tax
  • Shipping fee
  • Settlement commissions, account and transfer fees
Procedures for ordering
Via online, telephone and fax
Payment methods
We accept payments via bank transactions or by cash upon delivery
Payment due date
Within 7 days after order cash on delivery
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No limitation without nortice.
Shipping addresses
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Delivery time
We deliver purchases within 7~10 business days inside of Japan after payment confirmation. But we recommend contacting us for specifics, as delivery time may be differ depending on location.
Product returning or replacement policy
Only inferior goods will be replaced within 7days after these delivered.
Privacy policy
We value your privacy. Our privacy policy prevents any information disclosure, protecting your privacy and interests in collecting, maintaining, transferring and storing your purchaced services and or products. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.